Working with a consultancy will get you access to talent and experience - but how you use it really depends on the quality of output you get.

October 2022

Most people think management is about "getting work done" - however for good managers that is never the focus, that is the result of good management.

September 2022

Probably one of the bigger acquisitions for this decade, and an interesting one since Figma had been a direct competitor to Adobes tools.
The hardest thing about engineering is communication. If you do not communicate your requirements correctly, do not expect the right product to be…
A deploy a day keeps the project manager away? It might be more tricky than you think.

August 2022

Some times it feels like good time management can solve everything in our lives, if only we had time for it. It is possible learn this mystic art with a…
Large software teams are very common, but something to take a caution about. Most managers or leaders feel that a bigger team will mean a greater or…
Outsourcing your tech work might not be the best solution?

July 2022

Even the best teams can make mistakes, so what should we do?
Both are important, but having the right balance is important is the teams involved.
Its not possible to have a perfect system, but we can definitely come close!
For without this balance, there will only be chaos. :)